There is a balance to living a life enriched. It can be difficult today to focus on your health with our fast paced lifestyles, over processed fast foods and low nutrition, high calorie food culture that has made it convenient to ignore the importance of good nutrition.

For more than 30 years my life’s work has been spent educating and helping others overcome everyday health concerns like heart issues, cholesterol problems, weight challenges and the list goes on. In many cases over medication was actually causing more health issues than it was treating. That lifetime of experience taught me to take a more natural approach to each person with an integrative view. Not just focusing on the disease or immediate problem, but discussing their lifestyle and daily health habits. Taking into consideration their working environment and family health history. This approach has served thousands of clients well and revealed that with just a little effort and the right support the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle is closer than we think.

Dr. Golden’s Vitamin Supplements were created to help fight back against the imbalance in our daily nutritional lives. Working with the best USA pharmaceutical formulation company and using only the highest quality supplement ingredients my goal here is to provide the education, resources and products that deliver everything you need to have and maintain a life enriched.

If you should have any health concern questions, please feel free to contact The Golden Center for Integrative Medicine and myself or one of my qualified staff will be glad to visit with you.